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Deluxe Industry Co.,Limited

Quality Inspection And Testing

High-quality products require strict management control and advanced equipment. At Deluxe, in order to ensure product quality, we insist that each project has to follow the steps:

1. Review 2D and 3D to ensure corresponding drawings, technical team offers free design, programming advice and revisions.

2. Review PO to ensure drawings compliance with and contract requirements.

3. Incoming raw material inspection and testing

4. Complete process testing including first finished part inspection, in- processing inspection.

5. Full or sampling output inspection with written test report.

Our Tests In house:

We have invested million money in a series of accurate and professional testing tools and equipment, that’s in some how our product is a little higher price than others’. Because we know, we are in the very strict and serious industry which a tiny tolerance will make it the best or nothing.

Our Test Tools And Equipment

Inside / Outside diameter micrometer
Needle gauge / Gauge block / Plug gauge
Thread ring / plug gauge ( Metric/inch )
Material spectrometer
Hardness tester
Three coordinates detector

Our Test Tools And Equipment

Coordinate Measuring Instrument(CMM)

CMM is the only way to check and test precision in complex parts. Using the Leitz LSP detection technology, CMM has the extremely high accuracy of measurement, scanning efficiency and good repeatability. Combine with the most perfect QUINDOS software, it can test tolerance in any shape product surface.


Appearance & Packaging Testing

Make sure that the size of the post-processed product meets the requirements. Perfect package ensures there is no damage during transportation.

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