Anodized Aluminum Spare Part

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Product Details

Our products:

1. Materials: metals and plastics
2. Machining equipments: 3D Printer,3/4/5-axis CNC milling, CNC Turning, dilling etc. 
3. Specifications: Machined according to client's drawing, the largest maching range is 3000mm ×800mm × 600mm
4. Drawing format: CAD / PDF/ DWG/ IGS/ STEP, etc. 
5. Packing details: 
A. Neutral packing (neutral plastic bag/ foam paper+ neutral carton)
B. Customized packing ( with logo or barcode according to your requirement)
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Our services:
1.CNC machining plastic and metal rapid prototyping
2.SLA/SLS plastic rapid prototypes
3.Vacuum casting (Silicone mould)
4.Product engineering&manufacturing
5.Injection mould
6.Sheet metal fabricating
1.Plastic:PMMA , PA,   PP,  POM,  PC,  PE,  Nylon,  PVC,  ABS,  PA6, 
PEEK ,PVC,TEFLON ,chemical wood.
PA66, PA6+30%FG,  PA66+30%FG, Silicone, rubber 
2. Metals : Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Aluminum alloy, Copper,
Brass, Bronze, metal plate,copper  Steel, Carbon steel,  Iron etc
3. Wood and other special materials.

Advantages of our Anodized Aluminum Spare Part

1.Full range equipment, all the normal prototyping can be finished.
2. Short lead time: 3 days.
3. Good quality, fast delivery, low cost.

Application of Anodized Aluminum Spare Part

 1. Digital & Telecommunication products:Computer,PC,mobile phone,cell phone,MP3, MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, DV, digital camera,fax machine,key board,mouse,numerator ect.
 2. Vehicle products:Automobile parts: Motorcycle parts,car decorations of outter and inner side,auto video case ect.
 3 .House appliance:air conditioner,LCD TV,fridge,speaker,vacuum cleaner,electric fan,coffee pot,electric rice cookers and so on.
 4. Medical equipment:ultrasonic machine,X ray machine,Hemodialysis instrument,monitor,analyzer etc.
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1. How to get a quotation?
Please send us drawings in igs, dwg, step etc. together with detailed PDF.
If you have any requirements, please note, and we could provide professional advice for your reference.
2. What if we do not have drawing?
Samples would be available, and we would send you drawing to confirm. 
Of course, we would ensure the safety of the drawing.
3. How to pay?
For small quantity, we could provide Paypal, Paypal commission will be added to the order.
For the big one, T/T is preferred.
4. How to ship?
For small quantity, we have cooperation with TNT, FEDEX, UPS etc
For big quantity, air or sea would be available for you to choose.
5. What about the packing details?
We attached our normal packing details.
If you have any special requirements, we would be willing to help.
The parts are customized according to customer's drawings or samples, no stock available. It's just the indication about our production capability. 

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