Aluminum Electronic Component Part

Aluminum Electronic Component Part

Machine Parts, Machining Parts, Aluminium Alloy manufacturer / supplier in China, offering CNC Machining Aluminium Alloy for Consumer Electronics with ISO9001 Certified, Precise CNC Machining Color Anodizing Aluminum Parts, Precise Machining Copper Parts by CNC Turning and so on.

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A Professional and Experienced manufacturer of Aluminum Electronic Component Part             

We are committed oursleves to manufacturing precise metal & plastic parts,  sheet metal,casting parts, CNC precise machined parts.ByTune Electronics  is ISO 9001: 2008 certified factory with 10+ years CNC machining experience. Equipped with morn than 100 sets machines, such as CNC ( 3,4 and 5 axis), Vertical Machine Tool Integrating Turning with Milling, Auto-Drilling machine, Precise milling machine, Grinding machine, and so on…... 
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Part Size ( CNC Milling and CNC Turning )
CNC Milling Parts ( Max ) : Length 3000mm,Width 1200mm, Height 750mm.
CNC Turning Parts (Max ): Diamter 680mm,Length 750mm.The size of the above parts are machined in the workshop.
2.Main cooperators :
Harvard University
Cobham Group
ESAB Automation

Q1: I want to keep our design in secret, can we sign NDA?
Sure, we do not display any customers' design or show to other people, we can sign NDA.
Q2: Can you advise on suitable materials for us?
A: Yes, we are very knowledgeable and can recommend the best grade materials for your application.
Q3: If I need the parts urgent, can you help?
Yes, we are here to help. Production time is flexible .If you need the parts urgent, please tell us the delivery time you need. We will do our best to adjust the production schedule priority.
Q4: Are you able to design or produce new products for us?
A: We are always willing to develop new products according to the clients' requirements, we are experienced in CNC machining parts, so when you have samples or drawing needing a factory to develop for you, we will try our best to help you.

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