7075 Aluminum CNC Prototype Parts

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Product Details

Custom 7075 Aluminum CNC Prototype Parts


1. 3D design

2. on time delivery & reliable quality

3. sample order accepted

4. professional high quality mould

Manufacturing Method: CNC Machining / CNC Milling

Machining Tolerance: +/-0.05mm~+/-0.01mm

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Service Range:

1. Rapid Prototyping; SLA/ SLS prototype, 3D printing                                          

2.CNC Plastic/ Metal prototypes manufacturing                              

3. Vacuum Casting (Silicone Mold)

4: Rapid Sheet Metal Prototypes 

5.Small bath production / Low volume production in CNC mahining

6.Plastic injection mold/tooling

7.Plastic part injection

8.Reverse Engineering

Applicaition of 7075 Aluminum CNC Prototype Parts

1.Electronic, digital camera , DVD/VCD ,MP3/4 , Coffe oven, hair dryer, LED light case and so on

The industry we

service2.Medical devices, Ultrasound scanner case, Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging case, and etc

3.Telecommunications, micro speaker, phone prototype, computer, video and etc

4. Autoparts, like dashboard, car lamp, bar ,automobile and motorcycle

5. Household appliance, Rice cooker, Air conditioner, Induction cooker, TV, Fanshower and etc.

6. Kitchenwares, Crafts, Perfume bottle, Lighter,Kitchenware, Cookie molds, Utensil handle, Coffee,glass prototype, and etc

7.Toys, Game handle/controller, Toy plane and etc

Our advantage:

1. Professional equipment

2. Experienced engineers and well trained workers.

3. High quality (Min tolerance 0.01m) and competitive price.

We are a professional manufacturer in 7075 Aluminum CNC Prototype Parts, Almost 80% moulds were exported to Europe, Japan and USA in various fields for these years, We have rich experience in known what's the clients request. but also, we deeply understand what a important the small details of 7075 Aluminum CNC Prototype Parts, such as tolerance, thread holes, surface finishes and so on...


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