Acrylic Rapid Prototyping Service

Material:PMMA QTY:1 Surface finish:poilshing Size:As per drawings

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Acrylic rapid prototyping service



Surface finish:poilshing

Size:As per drawings

acrylic rapid prototyping service

Precision CNC Turning / Machining Processes
Turning,Boring,Drilling,Countersinking, Thread Milling, Threading internal/external, Machining
CNC Lathes,3D Printer,CNC Machining Machine, CNC Programming
Equipment Capabilities
CAD Programming Services,CNC Control Capabilities,Reverse Engineering
Machinery Axis
In-House Fixturing & Tooling
± 0.05mm
Materials (Metals)
Alloy Steels, Aluminum Alloys, Copper, Iron, Brass, Castings,Stainless Steel, Steel
Materials (Plastic Polymers)
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene),PE(Polyethylene) / PA(polyamide),Nylon /PMMA(acrylic,Polymetric methyl Methacrylate) PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Secondary Services Offered
Electrical Discharge Machining/Wire EDM / Grinding / Finishing / Painting,Chem Film Finish ,Deburring /Assembly / Pressing / Heat Treating/screen printing/spray paint/laser etching/Plating
Intended Applications
Aerospace / Aircraft / Industrial/Automotive OEM / Medical devices and instruments/Automotive aftermarket / Optical/Defense 
Production Volume
Prototype to Production

Lead Times Available

2 to 3 weeks / Rush Services Available

acrylic rapid prototyping service (2)FAQ

How do I get a quote?

A.Please kindly provide us 3D CAD solid model in Step,IGS,X_T format, normally Two-dimensional (2D) drawings are not adequate for accurate quoting or parts making.
B.Please tell us your requirement on quantity, surface treatment, color , material, application environment for accurate pricing.

How can I pay?
a. Bank to bank wire transfer to accounts b. Paypal 

Will Kaier Wo sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)?
Yes. If it gives you peace-of-mind to sign an NDA, we are more than willing to do so. But we have the right to keep your design in confidential no matter NDA is signed or not. All factories are camera monitored.

What isDeluxe rapid‘s advantage?
1. 10 years  abundant  experience.
2.Having  professional  technology  and  high accuracy prototypes
3.Top quality and competitive price.
4. Focus on customers’ need.

Why need make acrylic rapid prototyping service?

Acrylic rapid prototyping service allow the design team to test for functionality and ensure design and fit is correct. The prototypes acrylic rapid prototyping servicecan be used for sales meetings, customer presentations, and tradeshows overall time-to-market can be reduced since accuracy in design assures a streamlined project timeline.

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