What Are The Factors That Affect The Results Of The Injection Processing?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Injection molding is a very complex job. Any tiny change in the production process may affect the quality of the product. When plastic is in liquid state, it is different from the volume after solidification. So we should pay attention to the details of products. For example, at the beginning of the design of the product, the diameter of the product is five millimetres, it is necessary to design the moulds produced by reducing or changing the volume of the production material after cooling.

Before the injection molding process should be strictly calculated and tested, can not casually design the mold and the size of the product, so that the products produced are easily unqualified. In addition to the characteristics of the material itself will affect the production of the product, the size of the pressure used in the production process will also have a great impact on the product. If the pressure is too large, the volume of the product may be too small and unqualified.

If the pressure is too small, the future product may rebound like a spring after it is out of the mold, and the volume will be too large and unqualified. So we need experienced workers to control the pressure on the fixed size and not to change at will. Besides, the speed of raw material flowing into the mold and the temperature of various tools will affect the product in the process of injection molding.

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