Technical Analysis Of Sheet Metal Parts

- Apr 09, 2018 -

The first task of sheet metal processing is to draw, read and understand partial views before setting the sample. The clear and detailed drawing is the designer of a particular part of the structure and assembly relationship, which is the basis of the sheet metal processing and product inspection, and it is an important technology in the production document.

It is especially important to understand parts view of components when making single parts or a small number of metal sheets. Only on the basis of part drawing can we further understand the shape, composition, size, usage and related technical requirements of components. Then we find out the projection and size requirements of each part, and decide to change the parts and sizes, to determine the part and size, to change the shape and size. The material is suitable for the cold stamping, the size and the conversion of the datum, the precision and quality can be guaranteed, the product technology is clear and so on, to lay a good foundation for the follow-up process.

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