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- Nov 02, 2018 -

Deluxe-rapid Model Technology Co., Ltd. Rapid prototype production mode and scale


Deluxe-rapid Model Technology Co., Ltd. uses the original hybrid processing technology to make the rapid prototype, which is our core competitiveness. To make each rapid prototype, we must first design an optimized process roadmap. According to the optimized design of the process roadmap, the production equipment is mixed and used in order to avoid the inability of many parts of the rapid prototype to be processed due to the processing of a single process equipment, resulting in the quality of the rapid prototype and avoiding the single use of process equipment. The cost is wasted. In addition, Deluxe-rapid Model Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 40 professional Rapid prototype model making engineers. Each engineer has different production characteristics. Which type of product model is suitable for which engineer to produce, which is crucial for the product's effect and benefits to the factory. It is also crucial. Deluxe-rapid Model Technology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to this aspect in the past ten years. It carefully and meticulously in the production arrangement, so that people can do their best to maximize the efficiency of talent resources, thereby reducing production costs and saving customers money.

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Regardless of the aluminum alloy rapid prototype, the zinc alloy rapid prototype, the stainless steel rapid prototype, the sheet metal model such as the sheet metal model, or the ABS rapid prototype, the PC rapid prototype, the nylon rapid prototype, the acrylic rapid prototype, the POM rapid prototype, etc. The rapid prototype of the material, Deluxe-rapid Model Technology, can help you make it. No matter the CNC rapid prototype, 3D printing rapid prototype, small batch complex model, bending rapid prototype, stretching rapid prototype and other processing methods, you can do it for you. Our service can avoid customers tossing everywhere, so that you can save more effort.

Ten years of focus on the production of rapid prototype, has been practicing technological innovation. Rapid prototype model production experience is the most abundant, what kind of models have been done, what kind of problems have been solved, you do not have to worry about technology and quality, so that you are more worry-free.Our company is specialized in rapid prototype,if you are in the market of rapid prototype,please contact

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