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- Jan 03, 2019 -

The significance of prototype to the development of plastic mold making company

Based on the top-notch technicians and advanced machinery and equipment, Deluxe-rapid provides excellent design and production products for new and old customers and fully reflects the high quality and low price of the products. The first sample of the product is commonly known as the plastic mold making company. The early industrial samples were hand-made, so it was called the hand board. 

plastic mold making company.jpg

plastic mold making company

plastic mold making company.jpg

plastic mold making company

 The prototype has the following value

1. Inspect the design: The prototype is not only visible, but also touchable. He can intuitively reflect the designer's creativity in the form of physical objects, avoiding the drawbacks of "making good looks and making them look bad". . Therefore, the production of the prototype is indispensable in the process of new product development and product shape.

2. Inspection structure design: Because the prototype is assemblable, it can intuitively reflect the reasonableness of the structure and the difficulty of installation. It is convenient to find problems early and solve problems.

3, to avoid the risk of direct mold opening: because the cost of mold manufacturing is generally high, the relatively large mold value of hundreds of thousands or even millions, if the structure is unreasonable or other problems found in the process of opening the mold, its loss can be Imagine it. plastic mold making company can avoid this loss and reduce the risk of mold opening.

Therefore, the prototype-made time makes the product launch time greatly advanced: due to the advancement of the prototype-made production, the customer can use the prototype-made board for the promotion of the product before the development of the mold, and even the pre-sales, production preparation work, and occupy the market early.

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