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- Jan 03, 2019 -

Hydraulic working principle of injection mold maker china

The first point of the hydraulic working principle of the injection molding machine. This is to show the ability to have professionalism. Hydraulic transmission: It uses hydraulic oil as the working medium. The mechanical energy of the prime mover is changed into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil through the power component, and then the pressure energy is converted into mechanical energy by the control element, and the load is driven to realize linear or rotary. Movement, which is the conversion of mechanical energy, and the force and speed of the actuator are set by remote control of the control element, remote control and adjustment of the flow. This is done according to the established steps.


The second point of the hydraulic working principle of the injection molding machine. Hydraulic control: Like the hydraulic transmission, the system also includes power components, control components and actuators, and also transmits power through the oil. The difference between the two is that the hydraulic control has a feedback device. The function of the feedback device is to feedback the output of the actuator to be compared with the input. Generally, the comparator is used to control the output, so that the output of the actuator is input. The quantity changes or remains constant. To be correct, it is a hydraulic drive system that forms a closed loop.


From the structural point of view, the hydraulic transmission system uses an on-off or logic control element. For the purpose of control, it is to maintain the stable or simply changing direction of the set value, also called constant value and sequential control elements. Such a concept is also relatively rare. Generally speaking, the hydraulic control system uses a servo control element, has a feedback structure, and is controlled by an electric device, and has high control precision and response speed, and the controlled pressure and flow rate are continuously changed continuously. Needless to say, the output power can be amplified.


Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic transmission systems. In the current four major types of transmission machinery, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic, no power transmission is perfect, and hydraulic transmission has the following extremely obvious advantages: from the structural point of view, its unit weight output power and unit size The output power is in the four types of transmission mode, and has a large torque inertia ratio. Under the condition of transmitting the same power, the hydraulic transmission device is small in size, light in weight, small in inertia, compact in structure and flexible in layout. This is the many benefits of hydraulic transmission.


injection mold maker china.jpg

injection mold maker china

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injection mold maker china

In an injection molding plant, the machine works on a relatively simple basis without the lack of complex logic. If anyone wants to try a machine that is not satisfactory in production? That is something that is very unwilling to see. The injection molding machine has advantages and disadvantages and is normal. There are shortcomings that can be experienced from the machine, as long as there is a relatively weak place. In the hydraulic drive system we can see a lot of its extraordinary. In the case of high-level work, you can especially see its high precision and fast response. There is also a common performance when there is a need to present pressure.

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