How To Maintain The Mold Of Injection Molding

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Injection molding is a very complicated process, which includes complex complex physical and chemical changes. Therefore, in the process of injection molding, we must master the process requirements of injection processing, so that the whole injection process can be completed in time and quickly. Injection industry is a combination of labor intensive and technical analysis. In order to survive in the increasingly competitive environment, it is necessary to adapt to the pace of the times and change the development model and experience of the enterprise. The injection molding industry has a wide range of design and complex processes, covering many aspects such as raw material performance, product structure, mold structure and mechanical principle.

Injection mold in the maintenance of attention should be taken care of:

1, first, we should give each injection molding mold with a resume card, record and record its usage, nursing (lubrication, cleaning, anti rust) and damage.

2. Under the normal operation of the injection molding machine and mould, the various properties of the injection mold are tested and the final molded parts are measured. Through these information, the existing state of the mold can be determined, and the damage of the cavity, core, cooling system and the type of the mould surface can be found.

3, focus on tracking and testing several important parts of injection molds, and find that the problem is solved immediately.

4, pay attention to the surface maintenance of the injection mold, and do the corresponding protection to prevent the corrosion and so on so as not to affect the service life of the mold.

The surface of the injection mold has the following requirements:

1, appearance quality of injection mold and sealing samples, the end position to prevent sharp edges, flash, repair scrap scrap;

2, the surface of the injection mold is flat, with no gaps and rolls.

3, the injection mold installation foot has no deformation, lack of material, cracking, no flash, gap and so on.

4, the packaging of injection moulds meets the requirements of assembly and specifications, so as to prevent scratches.

5, the raw materials for injection moulds must be fully dried according to the technical requirements, and no water can be found, otherwise, the appearance will be crazing after making the finished products.

6, the appearance of molded parts should not be polished or polished, so as not to affect the adhesion between coating and substrate.

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