Do You Need To Control The Temperature During Injection Molding?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Experienced workers know that if the injection product is qualified, it is necessary to control the temperature well, because the whole process is very complex, so each link needs to control the temperature is not the same. The first thing to control is the temperature of raw material barrel, because the melting temperature of different raw materials will be different if they want to turn into liquid. Therefore, every batch of production should regulate the temperature of the raw material barrel according to the raw materials used.

When the raw material comes out of the barrel, the liquid is transported into the mold of production through the pipe and the nozzle. The temperature of the pipe and the nozzle is also controlled. Generally, the temperature of the control is a little lower than the temperature in the barrel, because the environment in the barrel is relatively sealed, if the temperature is too high. To vaporize, in order to prevent this phenomenon, we should lower the temperature regulation slightly, which also helps to cool the product.

But the temperature can't be too low, otherwise the liquid will become solid and block the pipeline. In the process of injection molding, the most important thing to pay attention to is the temperature of the mold. Although the product enters into the mold for cooling, the temperature in it must not be too low, so the product will be cooled naturally, otherwise the surface of the product may appear some potholes and the image, and it also affects the quality.

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