Custom Metal Spacers

- Jan 02, 2019 -

How to make a custom metal spacers? 

       The custom metal spacers is usually made by CNC, and some parts are laser rapid prototyping. How is the custom metal spacers made? What are the specific processes?

(1), Industrialization: The custom metal spacers is a process of transforming from an industrial design pattern to a real sample.

(2), CAD design perspective: In simple terms, after the product design, in order to verify the correctness of the design, CNC processing as the main way, make the same sample as the product.

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custom metal spacers

custom metal spacers.jpg

custom metal spacers China

       Commonly, the production of the custom metal spacers is generally through the CNC machining center, the 3D drawing programming input to the CNC machining center for processing, or laser rapid prototyping. Most of the materials are mainly photosensitive resins, and the process of accumulating layer by layer under the action of light has high precision.

       At present, most of the custom metal spacers plates are CNC machining centers. The detailed production process is as follows:

       First, programming: the programmer analyzes the 3D data and writes the programming language that controls the CNC machining center;

       Second, CNC processing: input the programmed programming language into the computer controlled machining center, execute the program command;

       Third, manual processing: sort out the products after processing. The main contents include: proofreading data, removing burrs, bonding, polishing and polishing;

       Fourth, surface treatment: complete the various surface effects in the effect diagram, commonly used for painting, silk screen, electroplating, special laser engraving, anodizing, drawing, etc.;

       Fifth. Assembly: After processing, the data is detected for the assembly problem, and the test assembly needs to be performed before the surface treatment;

       Sixth, packaging: the custom metal spacers packaging of the final product inspection.

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