Deformation Should Be Paid Attention When In CNC Machining Service

- May 28, 2018 -

Deformation should be paid attention when in CNC machining service

When CNC machining service needs attention:

1, in the CNC machining operation machine, safety first;

2. Before CNC machining in Dongguan, it is necessary to check the tool, safety height and cutting data of the program.

3, before the workpiece clamping, must first deburr, determine the actual size of the workpiece and the size of the drawings are consistent, the electrode material must pay attention to whether the interference with the fixture after clamping;

4, clamping the workpiece, first determine the governance fixture (Erowa, wise) is accurate, otherwise, need to re-correction. Workpiece clamping, the need to pay attention to the appropriate clamping force to avoid deformation of the workpiece;

5, the finishing tool must first measure the tool diameter, after the clamp is installed on the spindle and then measure whether it is yaw to ensure accuracy. Shenzhen CNC machining;

6, when processing, always pay attention to find problems, communicate with CAM personnel, in order to achieve the best processing methods to produce high-quality workpieces;

7. In order to prevent CNC machining deformation or machining offset, it should pay attention to whether the rough machining allowance is enough, and after the rough machining, the workpiece should be corrected again;

8, CNC machining service is completed, the main dimension of the workpiece (by the height of the broken surface) needs to be measured, and the wear of the finishing tool is detected.

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