How Does CNC Machining Improve The Surface Machining Accuracy Of Hand Model

- Nov 02, 2018 -

How does CNC machining improve the surface machining accuracy of hand model

How does CNC machining Brass Rapid Prototype Part improve the surface machining accuracy of hand model.

Before that, we need to understand what factors affect the accuracy of CNC machining Brass Rapid Prototype Part on the surface of the hand model:

1. Insufficient rigidity of the workpiece causes looseness.

2. The selection of cutting amount is not suitable.

3. The surface of the chip has been machined.

4, the rigidity of the turning tool is insufficient to cause looseness.

5. When cutting at low speed, no cutting fluid is added.

6. The geometry of the turning tool is not correct. For example, the front corner, the main declination and the rear of the turning tool are selected.

7. The insert of the CNC machining Brass Rapid Prototype Part center skateboard is too loose, which may cause the transmission parts to be unbalanced or the spindle to be too loose to cause vibration.

After understanding the problem, we can solve these problems. The CNC machining method affects the surface machining accuracy and troubleshooting of the hand model:

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1. Increase the rigidity of the workpiece.

2. When cutting at low speed, add cutting fluid.

3. Control the shape of the chips and the direction of discharge.

4. Increase the rigidity of the turning tool and correctly install the turning tool.

5. Choose a reasonable turning angle and reduce the surface roughness of the cutting edge.

6, the feed rate should not be too large, the fine car balance and cutting speed should be selected properly.

7. Eliminate or prevent unbalance or looseness caused by insufficient rigidity of the horizontal machining center, and properly adjust the clearance of each part of the lathe.

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