Custom CNC Milling Parts

Material: stainless steel QTY: 100pcs Surface finish: as machined Tolerance: +/-0.01mm Application: aerospace, car, medical, etc.

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Custom CNC milling parts

CNC milling is one of the most usual forms of precision CNC machining. CNC milling is a process which creates precise machined parts quickly. We use a lots of cutting tools to make precision cnc milling that assures exact customized shapes and dimensions for all component machined.

Advantages of custom CNC milling parts

Deluxe-rapid has advanced in cprecision milling for many years and we are a experienced cnc milling company. Our jobshop could  meet your advanced specifications, and our milling equipment is superior. Our custom CNC milling workmate are experienced and devote himself to producing the highest quality milled components.

Example of custom CNC milling parts

custom CNC milling parts.jpg

custom CNC milling parts

custom CNC milling parts.jpg

custom CNC milling parts

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precision milling

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Materials of custom CNC milling parts

Plastic materialsABS, POM, PEEK, Nylon, PTFEPMMAAcrylic etc..

Metal materialsBrass/copper, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, zinc, aluminum, etc.

Applications of custom CNC milling parts




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