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- Dec 28, 2018 -

What are the 10 Precision engineering company processing processes?

Today, I will give you a brief explanation of the 10 hands-on process of the Precision engineering company, and give you more understanding and understanding:

Precision engineering company board manual:

1. The production process and drawings are not right or wrong.

2. (ABS material) When bonding, pay attention to the amount of glue used more or less, do not crack

3. (Acrylic material) When the product is bonded, do not crack. Bubble phenomenon

4. (PC material) When the product is placed in the oven or blown with a wind cylinder, the temperature should not be too high.

5. (POM, nylon, aluminum alloy materials) products can not be bonded, because the three materials glue is not stable, so it can not be processed with CNC parts, the hole position can not be biased when manually punching, otherwise the product Will be scrapped

Precision engineering company.jpg

Precision engineering company

Precision engineering company.jpg

Precision engineering company

6. Do not bond the wrong place during assembly, do not have misplacement and clearance

7. The grinding of the product workpiece with R angle should not be made into a right angle, and there is a place where the edge of the workpiece has a curvature. It may be necessary to pay attention when grinding.

8. Grinding should not make the size small

9. Do not deform or shrink the mold, do not have too many bubbles, if the bubbles will increase the workload of the manual side

10. Do not have the phenomenon of color difference, paint bursting, paint falling, etc., and control dust spots when adjusting oil and fuel injection.

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